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A long time ago I had a vague idea that if I wrote some words about a fictional place and people, a book would appear with those words and people in it. I never thought about writing a bio. Or that I needed to create an autograph. The experience of publishing a novel (and the journey to that milestone) taught me I need both. There were a million other craft and publishing lessons along the way. So here’s a short bio…

I grew up in New England, New Hampshire specifically. A land of many writers. I knew I wanted to be a writer as soon as I figured out writer was an occupation. I’ve been writing since I knew how to put sentences together. But it took me several decades to figure out how to be a writer.

What I Write

I write fiction and poetry. I consider my style of fiction, Speculative Fantasy. A heavy dose of what-if mixed with magic. My first novel, At the End of the World, is both speculative and a fantasy.

My poetry is sometimes pastoral, sometimes speculative, and often personal. Poetry came to me late in my writer’s journey but has quickly become one of my favorite forms.

Most of what I write on Medium is poetry, memoir, and notes on creating fiction.

Poetry Tantrums

18 stories
Hands Touching
Desert landscape
Nevada mountains and snow.

Why I Write

It’s cliche to say, but I write because I must. I need to empty my head of the stories that grow there. To express the truth of those stories. If I didn’t have writing as an outlet, I don’t know what would happen, but it wouldn’t be good for my physical or emotional self. And it wouldn’t be good for those around me. Through writing I hope my readers grow a little closer in community.



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Kevin J Fellows

Kevin J Fellows

Writer & Poet of speculative fantasy. Author of the novel At the End of the World. Stories & poetry in SFF publications. Creativity Podcaster kevinjfellows.com