A Force of Nature

Kevin J Fellows
Dec 14, 2022
Photo by Timothy Wolff on Unsplash

She didn’t know what she was
nor did I, my father, nor his
But the world revolved around her
She was grounded
with all her scattered thoughts and prayers
She was the center of a world that dreams
poorer without her
She was a garden full of wild seed and
outrageous blossoms
She was the forest that protected purple lady slippers
She knew where the boundaries were
and the spring which feeds the well
She was silly
and serious as stone
None caught within her sphere
ever escaped

I’m the author of the novel At the End of the World and the poetry collection An Important Sky. I’m also co-host of The Time is Right: Living a Creative Life podcast. Learn more at kevinjfellows.com



Kevin J Fellows

Novelist & Poet. Author of At the End of the World and the poetry collection, An Important Sky. Fiction and poetry editor. Podcaster. More at: kevinjfellows.com