Apr 29

The Fourteenth Edition Of My Personal National Poetry Month Challenge

Couple shaped out of stars.
Image by Oleg Gamulinskiy from Pixabay

The green against blue
dares the reach
of something rooted,
branching skyward,

She was almost there
For a while, she was
every breath
and I stood in her shadow,
each unable to admit or act

we were green against…



Apr 28

The Thirteenth Edition Of My Personal National Poetry Month Challenge

Tree on the shore of a sea. The tree is bent from the wind over many years.
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

He breathes time,
a dreadful wind
and fine calamity

Chasing me down
wrapping me
in foul intent

I defend,
will not bow to
gales of time,

a storm not
of my making,
yet weakens me

from the inside,
chipping at my…



Kevin J Fellows

Kevin J Fellows

Writer & Poet of speculative fantasy. Author of the novel At the End of the World. Stories & poetry in SFF publications. Creativity Podcaster kevinjfellows.com